Achieve Education Services is owned and operated by Robin Sellers. Our goal is to help you meet your educational goals. Contact us regarding educational consulting, statistical consulting, staff development activities, and educational writing. We are broadening our offerings and hope to provide testing services in the near future.

Robin Sellers is a certified teacher with a Master of Arts degree with a concentration in Technical and Professional Communication. She has over eleven years experience in the traditional classroom and has been an online instructor since 2000 where she has trained thousands of students. She has the ability to take difficult or technical concepts and make them easy to understand for her students. Her students claim that she has a gift for communicating online in a clear, concise, and personal way and that she is a 'born' teacher who makes her courses interesting and enjoyable.

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Ben Sellers has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences. He has over thirteen years experience teaching mathematics, including developmental math, Calculus, Algebra, and Statistics to high school and college students in addition to homeschool teaching. He's available for mathematical and statistical consulting.

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